Surprise Rest

I like to control things a lot.  Luckily the world makes that impossible every now and then.

Thanks to a surprise-decision by WMATA’s new chief Paul Wiedefeld, I can’t get to work today.  It was supposed to be my last day before paternity leave, my final stand to make sure my students were ready to do a week of work without me.  I hate ceding control of my classroom!  How will they ever learn anything without me?  Doesn’t the world realize how indispensable I am!

With my apple cart overturned, I have to choose between anxiety over a lost day of production and…not.  My students will do something today (hopefully my sub plans).  Things will go wrong.  I won’t be able to fix it.

Same as every other day.  No one needs that much control over anything in life.  Take your unexpected loss of control as the gift that it is.  As my mother likes to say, often irritating, “Control is an illusion.”

It may not be an illusion, but it is definitely bad for the soul.  Time to relax, clean the house, and get ready for Benedict’s arrival tomorrow.

Work is not the end of human existence.

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