Orlando Furioso Podcast News

My Abbey Boy troupe of demented artistes in the ERC has (nearly) accomplished something of note.  Today, after three long months of typical adolescent procrastination, they presented me with a podcast of a Canto I recital.

I say nearly  because there are a few issues to clean up.  One section of the recital is of low mechanical quality and needs to be re-recorded.  Another section needs a little volume and treble help, and there seems to be a small editing error.  Once those are cleaned up, hopefully in less than three months, we look for a home for the thing on the internet and I shall proudly feature it on this blog.

The parts that don’t need work really sound great in a delightfully amateurish way.  Naturally the boys are now making grand designs of a sound track, a claymation or animated series, and a monetizing scheme.  Given how long it took them to just get 1/46th of the poem spoken into their phones, I’m not optimistic.  But it’s great fun and I am truly proud of them.

My colleagues, I joked with the boys, will be blown away and probably call for an all-school assembly to play the thing.  Teachers are suckers for this kind of work.  I could get my students to learn the most recondite bits of philosophy, teach them to dent steel with the power of their focused intellects, and no one would really care.  But get them to prance around a room reciting 16th century Renaissance poetry and suddenly I’m a master.  What learning!  What a great differentiator for our school!  Teacher of the year!

Teaching is awesome.  I love my job.  What a great way to start the weekend: with a smile on my face.


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