Amazing quotation to fire up the troops for study.  If you want insight into the world of classics, check out the title of the book it comes from.

“In Latin or Greek you must be absolutely right, or you are not right at all; you must know the meaning, the construction, the position in the sentence, of every word—and every one of these things implies a separate intellectual act—or you cannot give the sense of the original; no half-knowledge, no breezy catching of the general sense, is of the slightest avail, for the passage says to you in its every word, ‘You must know me not at all, or know me all in all.’ The man or woman who has mastered Latin or Greek knows language scientifically, and every other language theoretically is at their mercy.”

George G. Ramsay (1839-1921), Should Women Study the Classics? Opening Lecture at the Arts Course at Queen Margaret College, Glasgow, November 3rd, 1891 (Glasgow: James MacLehouse & Sons, 1891), p. 24

(h/t Laudator)


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