ERC Presents: Orlando Furioso

Well it only took five months, but at long last there is a publicly-accessible audio version of Orlando Furioso, Canto I!

This is a purely student-driven project.  After I gave them the idea to do it, all technical and organizational matters were in the hands of the ERC (Epic Recitation Club) Nerds.  I merely mocked them as the weeks and months dragged on for what could have been a one week project.

There were hilarious snafus along the way, and at least one recording got left out/written over (sorry, Philip!).  In my extremely biased opinion, the flaws enhance the beauty…much like all student work.  Our Lead Technical Director, Fred, ends up carrying quite a few of the stanza blocks.  Otherwise, the voices should rotate every ten stanzas (80 lines).

Dreams remain: more cantos, illustrations, musical accompaniment, YouTube videos.  One of our fair number insists that we try to monetize the thing.  But today is a day for repose in the completed act, even as the creators toil away at their final exams.

Without further ado, St. Anselm’s Abbey School ERC Nerds present:


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