That’s Not a Word Either

Phycosymatic (not one I would normally ding someone for, but this version is particularly amusing)


Incense (Asa married his mother and had incense)








A poor child broke the system by attempting, in the margin, three dozen different ways to spell scorpion.

He’s not alone.  Many students spell it “scropian” which is one of the dirtiest-sounding words I’ve ever heard.  Makes me giggle every time.

If you were to spell the word “after,” where would you place the “h”?

Among the gods Solomon chased after in his dotage, four are named: Ashtoreth, Chemosh, Molech, and Milcom.  Here are various student attempts to name them on quizzes or tests: Chebeth, Masheth, Shomah, Nabot, Astefeth, Makeesh, Eshod, Abinilon, Rodigon, Ashram, Brohar, Ilam, Achaar, Ashamin, Chachioo, Reboath, Denishard, Sceno, Mohem, Hastem, Retor, Mashtem, Venderhaar, Gaben, Amorelech, Emelech.

Chachioo kills me every time I look at it.

For some reason one of my students consistently calls the castrated men who keep guard over a harem “Etruscans.”  How about “Entuchs” or “Euntrachs?”  One of them spells it “Euchnes.”  I suppose that’s only fair, since I also think of eunuchs every time someone brings up Euchre.  But the real winner here has to be the delightfully double-entendre “Units.”


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