Bernard on Pride: Roundup

It took quite a bit longer than I expected, both in time and word count, but I made it to the end of my comments on St. Bernard’s ladder of pride and humility.  I will probably move this to the side bar eventually, but for now here’s a quick index of the posts covered.

A brief Introduction to the ladder and some general observations.

The First Step, which is Curiosity, including a comparison of the two ladders.

Steps 2-4, which culminate in Boasting.

Steps 5-6, which culminate in Arrogance.

Steps 7-8, Presumption and Self-Justification.

Steps 9-10, False Confession and the Case of the Missing Tenth Step.

Steps 11-12, wrapping things up with sins both free and habitual, and a few final words.

I had intended to stay more reflective in my remarks, but it turned book-reporty as I was getting my thoughts in order.  Perils of the medium.  Now I can move on to more general comments on the Ladder!  Or work on his take on the Beatitudes.  Ooh, ooh, I know…

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