Translating Psalms (13)

The Fool: one who believes that he will never face a Judge for his wickedness, and so he oppresses the weak and needy.

“Dixit insipiens” (Psalm 13)

  1. In finem. Psalmus David.
  2. Dixit insipiens in corde suo: Non est Deus. Corrupti sunt, et abominabiles facti sunt in studiis suis; non est qui faciat bonum, non est usque ad unum.
  3. Dominus de caelo prospexit super filios hominum, ut videat si est intelligens, aut requirens Deum.
  4. Omnes declinaverunt, simul inutiles facti sunt. Non est qui faciat bonum, non est usque ad unum. Sepulchrum patens est guttur eorum; linguis suis dolose agebant. Venenum aspidum sub labiis eorum. Quorum os maledictione et amaritudine plenum est; veloces pedes eorum ad effundendum sanguinem. Contritio et infelicitas in viis eorum, et viam pacis non cognoverunt; non est timor Dei ante oculos eorum.
  5. Nonne cognoscent omnes qui operantur iniquitatem, qui devorant plebem meam sicut escam panis?
  6. Dominum non invocaverunt; illic trepidaverunt timore, ubi non erat timor.
  7. Quoniam Dominus in generatione justa est, consilium inopis confudistis, quoniam Dominus spes ejus est.
  8. Quis dabit ex Sion salutare Israel? Cum averterit Dominus captivitatem plebis suae, exsultabit Jacob, et laetabitur Israel.

Unto the end.  A Psalm of David.

The fool hath said in his heart: There is no God.  They have been corrupted, and made abominable in their zeals; there is none who does good, there is not even one.

The Lord hath looked down from heaven over the sons of men, that He may see if there is a wise, or one seeking God.

All have fallen down, at once have been made useless.  There is none who does good, not even one.  An open grave is their throat; with their tongues deceitfully do they work.  The venom of asps under their lips.  Whose mouth with malediction and bitterness is full; quick are their feet to the shedding of blood.  Sorrow and unhappiness in their ways, and the way of peace they know not; there is no fear of God before their eyes.

Will they not learn, all who work iniquity, who devour My people as if a food of bread?

The Lord they have not invoked; there they have trembled with fear, where there was no fear.

For the Lord in the generation is just, you have confounded the counsel of the poor, for the Lord is his hope.

Who will give out of Zion the salvation of Israel?  When the Lord turns aside the captivity of His people, Jacob shall exult, and Israel shall be glad.


Verse 4 sure looks long!  And hey, those phrases are all stock from previous psalms!  You’ll find that modern translations follow the Hebrew here, since the Greek/Latin has apparently gotten corrupted with a massive gloss (that’s my guess–I never did study Psalms in my Biblical studies program).

But as the great Bob Ross would say, we don’t make mistakes here, only happy accidents.  It may not be original, but it’s darn fine.  STET.

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