Translating Psalms (20)

“Domine, in virtute” (Psalm 20)

[1] In finem. Psalmus David.

Unto the End.  A Psalm of David.

[2] Domine, in virtute tua laetabitur rex, et super salutare tuum exsultabit vehementer.

O Lord, in Thy virtue shall the king be made glad, and over Thy salvation shall he exsult mightily.

[3] Desiderium cordis ejus tribuisti ei, et voluntate labiorum ejus non fraudasti eum.

The desire of his heart You have paid to him, and of the will of his lips You have not defrauded him.

[4] Quoniam praevenisti eum in benedictionibus dulcedinis; posuisti in capite ejus coronam de lapide pretioso.

For You have surpassed him in blessings of sweetness; You have placed on his head a crown of precious stone.

[5] Vitam petiit a te, et tribuisti ei longitudinem dierum in saeculum, et in saeculum saeculi.

He hath sought life from You, and You have paid to him length of days unto the age, and unto the age of age.

[6] Magna est gloria ejus in salutari tuo; gloriam et magnum decorem impones super eum.

Great is his glory in Thy salvation; glory and great ornament You shall place over him.

[7] Quoniam dabis eum in benedictionem in saeculum saeculi; laetificabis eum in gaudio cum vultu tuo.

For You will give him unto blessing unto the age of age; You will gladden him in joy with Thy face.

[8] Quoniam rex sperat in Domino; et in misericordia Altissimi non commovebitur.

For the king hopes in the Lord; and in the mercy of the Most High he shall not be moved.

[9] Inveniatur manus tua omnibus inimicis tuis; dextera tua inveniat omnes qui te oderunt.

Thy hand shall be found on all Thy enemies; Thy right hand shall find all who hate You.

[10] Pones eos ut clibanum ignis in tempore vultus tui: Dominus in ira sua conturbabit eos et devorabit eos ignis.

You shall place them as an oven of fire in the time of Thy face: The Lord in His wrath shall confound them and fire devour them.

[11] Fructum eorum de terra perdes, et semen eorum a filiis hominum,

Their fruit from the earth You will destroy, and their seed from the sons of men,

[12] quoniam declinaverunt in te mala; cogitaverunt consilia quae non potuerunt stabilire.

for they have declined evils unto You; they have thought counsels which they have not been able to make firm.

[13] Quoniam pones eos dorsum; in reliquiis tuis praeparabis vultum eorum.

For You will put them down; in Thy remnant You will prepare their face.

[14] Exaltare, Domine, in virtute tua; cantabimus et psallemus virtutes tuas.

Exalt, O Lord, in Thy virtue; we will sing and give psalm to Thy virtues.

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      1. Great! I look forward to reading your post. I’m going on a trip on Monday though for a week so I may not be able to read it until I get back. Until then, sayounara. 🙂


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