Translating Psalms (42)

An ultimate shibboleth psalm.  If you know this one instantly, I know what kind of Holy Mass you attend on Sundays.

(It’s the beginning of the traditional Latin mass)

“Judica me, Deus” (Psalm 42)

[1] Psalmus David. Judica me, Deus, et discerne causam meam de gente non sancta, ab homine iniquo et doloso erue me.

A Psalm of David.  Judge me, O God, and discern my cause among a people not holy; from the man unjust and deceitful, rescue me.

[2] Quia tu es, Deus, fortitudo mea, quare me repulisti? et quare tristis incedo, dum affligit me inimicus?

Since You are, O God, my strength, why have You cast me off?  And why, sorrowful, do I walk on while he afflicts me, the enemy?

[3] Emitte lucem tuam et veritatem tuam; ipsa me deduxerunt, et adduxerunt in montem sanctum tuum, et in tabernacula tua.

Send out Your light and Your truth; these have led me up and have directed me onto Your holy mountain and into Your tabernacle.

[4] Et introibo ad altare Dei, ad Deum qui laetificat juventutem meam.

And I will enter to the altar of God, to God who makes joyful my youth. 

[5] Confitebor tibi in cithara, Deus, Deus meus. Quare tristis es, anima mea? et quare conturbas me?

I will confess to You on cithara, O God, my God.  Why are you sorrowful, my soul?  And why do you disquiet me?

[6] Spera in Deo, quoniam adhuc confitebor illi, salutare vultus mei, et Deus meus.

Hope in God, for still will I confess to Him, the saving of my face, and my God.


v. 6 salutare I find it deeply aggravating that this infinite-looking thing is actually a noun.  Deep within me, I find I cannot accept this.  Hence, I make it as gerund-y as possible.  You can get me to say “salvation” here on the Last Day, when the Lord Himself insists on it.

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