Translating Psalms (51)

This is the first of the “Soundtrack to David’s Life” psalms–psalms written about a specific incident in the life of David as described in I or II Samuel.  I strongly recommend knowing those history books well to appreciate what’s going on in these psalms.  This particular psalm is tied to one of Saul’s worst atrocities–the massacre of the priests at Nob because they unwittingly helped David escape him.

“Quid gloriaris” (Psalm 51)

[1] In finem. Intellectus David,

Unto the end.  The understanding of David,

[2] cum venit Doeg Idumaeus, et nuntiavit Sauli : Venit David in domum Achimelech.

when there came Doeg the Idumaean, and he announced to Saul, “David has come unto the house of Achimelech.” Continue reading Translating Psalms (51)