Translating Psalms (73)

Why indeed would God be angry with us?  Maybe because we just sold His Son into the hands of death?  A total desecration of God in the triumph of the enemy?  An overthrow of God in the garden of His holy place?

Sure if this weren’t Holy Week I could talk about what I think the historical setting of this psalm is–some later stage of the kingdom when the foreign cults were overwhelming the worship of God.  But that doesn’t matter compared to seeing Jesus heading to the garden to be betrayed by his friend.

“Ut quid, Deus” (Psalm 73)

[1] Intellectus Asaph. Ut quid, Deus, repulisti in finem, iratus est furor tuus super oves pascuae tuae?

An understanding of Asaph.  Why, O God, have You repelled unto the end, has been angry, Your fury, over the sheep of Your flock?

[2] Memor esto congregationis tuae, quam possedisti ab initio. Redemisti virgam haereditatis tuae, mons Sion, in quo habitasti in eo.

Mindful be of Your congregation which You have possessed from the beginning.  You have redeemed the rod of You heritage, Mount Zion, in which You have dwelt, in the very one.

[3] Leva manus tuas in superbias eorum in finem. Quanta malignatus est inimicus in sancto!

Lift Your hands against their prides unto the end.  What things has he done a-malice, the enemy, in the holy place!

[4] Et gloriati sunt qui oderunt te in medio solemnitatis tuae; posuerunt signa sua, signa;

And they have boasted who hated You in the midst of Your solemnity; they have placed their signs, such signs;

[5] et non cognoverunt sicut in exitu super summum. Quasi in silva lignorum securibus

and they have not known just as in going out above the summit.  As if in a forest of trees by axes

[6] exciderunt januas ejus in idipsum; in securi et ascia dejecerunt eam.

they have cut out its doors in the self-same; in ax and hatchet they have felled it.

[7] Incenderunt igni sanctuarium tuum, in terra polluerunt tabernaculum nominis tui.

They have burned with fire Your sanctuary, on the land they have violated the tabernacle of Your name.

[8] Dixerunt in corde suo cognatio eorum simul : quiescere faciamus omnes dies festos Dei a terra.

They have said in their heart, their kin together, “Let us make still all the feast-days of God from the earth.”

[9] Signa nostra non vidimus; jam non est propheta; et nos non cognoscet amplius.

Our signs we have not seen; now there is no prophet; and us He will not know further.

[10] Usquequo, Deus, improperabit inimicus? irritat adversarius nomen tuum in finem?

How long, O God, will he taunt, the enemy? the adversary provoke Your name unto the end?

[11] Ut quid avertis manum tuam, et dexteram tuam de medio sinu tuo in finem?

Why do You turn away Your hand and Your right hand from the midst of Your breast unto the end?

[12] Deus autem rex noster ante saecula, operatus est salutem in medio terrae.

Whereas God, our king before the ages, has worked salvation in the midst of the earth.

[13] Tu confirmasti in virtute tua mare; contribulasti capita draconum in aquis.

You have confirmed in Your strength the sea; You have crushed the heads of the dragons in the waters.

[14] Tu confregisti capita draconis; dedisti eum escam populis Aethiopum.

You have shattered the heads of the dragon; You have given him as food to the people of Ethiopia.

[15] Tu dirupisti fontes et torrentes; tu siccasti fluvios Ethan.

You have sundered the fonts and the torrents; You have made sere the floods of Ethan.

[16] Tuus est dies, et tua est nox; tu fabricatus es auroram et solem.

Yours is the day and Yours is the night; You have fashioned the dawn and the sun.

[17] Tu fecisti omnes terminos terrae; aestatem et ver tu plasmasti ea.

You have made all the ends of the earth; summer and spring You Yourself have formed them.

[18] Memor esto hujus, inimicus improperavit Domino, et populus insipiens incitavit nomen tuum.

Be mindful of this: the enemy has given reproach to the Lord and a people foolish have incited Your name.

[19] Ne tradas bestiis animas confitentes tibi, et animas pauperum tuorum ne obliviscaris in finem.

May you not give to beasts the souls of them confessing You and the souls of Your poor may You not forget unto the end.

[20] Respice in testamentum tuum, quia repleti sunt qui obscurati sunt terrae domibus iniquitatum.

Look back on Your covenant, since they are filled, they who are darkened of the earth, by the homes of the unjust.

[21] Ne avertatur humilis factus confusus; pauper et inops laudabunt nomen tuum.

Let him not be turned away, the humble one made confused; the poor and the needy, they will praise Your name.

[22] Exsurge, Deus, judica causam tuam; memor esto improperiorum tuorum, eorum quae ab insipiente sunt tota die.

Arise, God, judge Your cause; be mindful of Your reproaches, of them which are by the fool all the day.

[23] Ne obliviscaris voces inimicorum tuorum : superbia eorum qui te oderunt ascendit semper.

May You not forget the voices of Your enemies; the pride of them who have hated You rises always.


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