Translating Psalms (74)

It’s Friday.  Focus on the chalice.

“Confitebimur tibi” (Psalm 74)

[1] In finem, ne corrumpas. Psalmus cantici Asaph.

Unto the end, lest you corrupt.  A psalm of a canticle for Asaph.

[2] Confitebimur tibi, Deus, confitebimur, et invocabimus nomen tuum; narrabimus mirabilia tua.

We will make confession to You, God, we will make confession, and we will invoke Your name; we will tell Your marvels.

[3] Cum accepero tempus, ego justitias judicabo.

When I receive time, I your justices will I judge.

[4] Liquefacta est terra et omnes qui habitant in ea, ego confirmavi columnas ejus.

Melted is the earth and all who dwell in it, I myself have made firm its pillars.

[5] Dixi iniquis : Nolite inique agere, et delinquentibus : Nolite exaltare cornu.

I have said to the unjust, “Act not unjustly,” and to the delinquent, “Raise up not the horn.

[6] Nolite extollere in altum cornu vestrum; nolite loqui adversus Deum iniquitatem.

Extol not into the height your horn; speak not against God an injustice.”

[7] Quia neque ab oriente, neque ab occidente, neque a desertis montibus.

Since neither from the rising nor from the setting nor from the desert mountains.

[8] Quoniam Deus judex est; hunc humiliat, et hunc exaltat :

For God, a judge He is; this one He humbles and this one He exalts;

[9] quia calix in manu Domini vini meri, plenus misto. Et inclinavit ex hoc in hoc, verumtamen faex ejus non est exinanita; bibent omnes peccatores terrae.

since a chalice in the hand of the Lord of unmixed win, full of mixture.  And He has tipped it from this unto this, nevertheless its dregs are not emptied out; they will drink, all the sinners of the earth.

[10] Ego autem annuntiabo in saeculum; cantabo Deo Jacob.

I, however, I will announce into the age; I will sing to the God of Jacob.

[11] Et omnia cornua peccatorum confringam; et exaltabuntur cornua justi.

And all the horns of sinners I will shatter; and they will be exalted, the horns of the just.

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