Welcome to my stripped-down industrial blog.  I’ve been teaching at a Catholic school for boys since 2007.  I fight hard for clarity in thinking and loyalty to the Church.  Because I teach adolescent boys my sense of humor and maturity level have been deeply impaired relative to my age.  I’ve been playing the role of provocateur for so long at work that I find I seldom turn it off.  My wife is merciful, understanding…and a teacher of teens as well.

After a long hiatus I’ve started writing again, and I’ve always debated having a forum for laughing about the joys of teaching gifted Catholic boys.  So here’s to amateurism in all things.  It beats television.

4 thoughts on “About Teaching Badly

  1. Mr. (Dr.?) Alspaugh, I was in fact looking for “Always we begin again” in Latin, and was directed by google to your blog. So it’s a peculiarity of St. Anselm’s Abbey School, this motto? My son Christian Schorn was one of your boys, graduated in 2009. I only want to say here that you write wonderfully and it’s going to be a pleasure to read your blog. I hope you and your wife and children are keeping well. Christian is living in Maine with his fiancée and figuring out graduate botany programs. (Yale Forestry School has accepted him! I hope he decides to accept THEM.)


    1. What a delight to hear from you, Cathie. I remember Christian with great fondness, both as a student and back when he used to visit in his undergrad days. Give him my best and best of luck on the graduate program. I will try to keep the blog interesting for you, but my children sap most of my energy these days I’m afraid! Oh, and I am emphatically “Mr.,” or “Rob!”


  2. Thanks for the bright insite. Been a biblical student for years, but never read the Bible cover to cover. That became my mission during Covid. I have read tons of stories throughout the years but this particular one in Judges, I didn’t know about. And I named one of my sons, Micah! I loved your Genius take on it. I will be following you on YouTube.


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