Orlando Furioso Cast of Characters: Orlando

Cantos VIII (Paris), IX (Olympia), XI (Orc), XII (Villa), XIII (Isabel), XXIII (Zerbino) XXIV (Furioso), XXIX (Rodomonte’s Bridge), XXX (Spain and Africa), XXXIX (Restored), XL (Biserta), XLI (Lampedusa), XLII (Victory), XLIII (Brandimart’s Funeral), XLIV (Return to France), XLV (Wedding Dispute), XLVI (Wedding Feast)

Son of Milo, Cousin of Rinaldo, Count of Anglantes, Slayer of Almontes

Coat of Arms: Red and White Quarters

Durindana, Brigliador, Arms of Almontes. Invincible by the will of God.

Classical Type: Achilles

TL;DR Title Hero Drives Actions of Poem Directly and Indirectly, Saves Day at the End


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Orlando Furioso Cast of Characters: Rodomonte

Cantos XIV (Paris Walls), XVI (Within the City), XVII (Palace), XVIII (Escape), XXIII (Frontino), XXIV (Mandricardo), XXVI (Merlin’s Fountain), XXVII (Tournament of Grievances), XXVIII (Innkeeper’s Tale), XXIX (Isabel’s Monument), XXXI (Brandimart), XXXV (Bradamante), XLVI (Finale)

Saracen King of Argiers, Betrothed of Doralice

Coat of Arms: Maid Bridling Lion on Red Field

Nimrod’s dragon-scale arms!

Classical Type: Turnus, Achilles

TL;DR: Distillate of Every Villain’s Worst Attribute Becomes Proverb For Arrogance

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Orlando Furioso Cast of Characters: Doralice

Cantos XIV (Mandricardo), XXIII (Orlando), XXIV (Zerbino and Rodomonte), XXVI (Merlin’s Fountain), XXVII (Chooses Mandricardo), XXX (Death of Mandricardo)

Daughter of King Stordilane of Granada, Betrothed of Rodomonte, Lover of Mandricardo

Classical Type ?


Two-bit Helen Gives Heart Away Repeatedly, Disappears Unceremoniously

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Orlando Furioso Cast of Characters: Astolpho

Cantos VI (Tree), VIII (Escape), XV (Egypt), XVIII (Damascus), XIX (Laiazzo), XX (Laiazzo Escape), XXII (Magic Villa), XXIII (Bradamante), XXVIII (Rodomonte’s Ribald Tale), XXXIII (Ethiopia), XXXIV (Hell, Eden, Moon), XXXV (Parcae), XXXVIII (Nubian Army), XXXIX (Orlando), XL (Biserta), XLIII (Brandimart’s Funeral), XLIV (Return to France)

Duke of England, Son of  Otho, Cousin of Rinaldo and Orlando

Magical horse Rabican, Magical Lance of Argalia, Horn of Dread, Book of Spells

Coat of Arms: Three Gold Pards on a Crimson Field

Classical Type: Odysseus

TL;DR King Arthur Soars Around World, Saves Orlando and The Day

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Old Testament Adventures: Jotham’s Parable

Toward the end of Gideon’s tenure as Judge, the Israelites offer him a pretty sweet deal: be our king.  Gideon, knowing that God is the king of Israel, declines and that is the end of that.

Just kidding!  This is the Bible (AKA Reality), where everything humans do turns to rot and final victories have to wait for, you know, the end.  After Gideon dies, his bastard son Abimelech murders all his legitimate brothers in an attempt to claim the throne his father declined.

Well, almost all.  Abimelech misses out on one fleet-footed son, Jotham, who runs away from the train wreck he can see coming so clearly.  But before he heads for the hills, he delivers a pretty sweet curse-parable to the people of Shechem who are crazy enough to entertain making this deal with Abimelech.

The parable of the trees serves up a healthy dose of insight wrapped in a delightful cover of mockery and condescension: Continue reading Old Testament Adventures: Jotham’s Parable

Form III Final: Anselmian Dialogue

One of my bright Form III (9th grade) students decided to imitate his older brother and compose his final exam essay question as a dialogue in imitation of St. Anselm’s Cur Deus Homo.  He’s nailed the tone of St. Anselm and thrown back some of Boso’s most sycophantic replies.

Somewhat like my previous Final post from my Quaestio-spinning junior, this answer format puts more focus on his argument and cuts out a lot of flim-flam.  His order of presentation is also quite nice–a good streamlining of St. Anselm’s work.  A fine project: Continue reading Form III Final: Anselmian Dialogue

Orlando Furioso Cast of Characters: Ferrau

Cantos I (Rinaldo and Argalia), XII (Magical Villa), XIV (Paris Muster), XVI (Paris Battle), XVIII (Paris Retreat), XXVII (Counter-Attack, Tournament Second), XXXV (Bradamante), XXXVI (Bradamante)

Nephew of King Marsilius of Spain, Slayer of Argalia

Classical Type Green Knight

Coat of Arms ?

TL;DR Ferocious Saracen of Questionable Character Provides Excellent Action Scenes

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