Poe Was a Grinder

The glories of the digital age are best shown in this, that I can acquire for less than a dollar the complete works of Edgar Allan Poe and hold them in the palm of my hand.  Thanks, Nook!

Must. Make. Deadline.

I’ve just recently finished plowing through all of Poe’s short stories.  It was more work than expected.  Poe was a grinder.  He wrote a lot, in many more genres than I knew.  When he was on, he put lightning on the page and made himself immortal.  But Poe was not always Poe.  Writing for a living will do that to you.

His static, pastoral descriptions: bleh.  His few dialogues: bleh.  His sci-fi is a little better, usually focused on hot air balloons.  Often bleh, but you get glimpses of the “real Poe.”  He is often occupied with mesmerism, an application of the cutting edge science of electromagnetism. Continue reading Poe Was a Grinder